City groups

The best way to get started in a City Group is to attend the Family Meal that occurs twice a month. This is a mid-sized event that is designed for community to flourish. You won’t feel like the center of attention and will only be asked to participate as far as you feel comfortable. While the Family Meal is important, a City Group is far more than a bi-weekly event. The purpose of our City Groups is to saturate northwest Oklahoma with the good news of Jesus.

A strong City Group has a healthy balance of our 3 Core Identities (Family, Missionaries, and Servants), meaning you are caring for one another as a Family, bringing the good news to our city as Missionaries, and sacrificially blessing one another and your neighbors as Servants.
Practically speaking, that means that our City Groups meet together to enjoy fellowship, study the scriptures, pray together, meet practical needs, and encourage each other.  As a City Group we live the Gospel out in our everyday, ordinary lives.

City Groups
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Why Should I Join a City Group?

Simply, because the church is not the building or gathering on a Sunday. It is the people. The way we live that belief out here at Ascent is through our City Groups. It isn't an additional program on top of basic Christianity. This is the basic way of following Jesus in the real world. This is how you get cared for and encouraged and how you mature in the faith. This is how you truly begin to “Live Fulfilled.”

If you only come on Sundays, you'll be disappointed in your experience and likely frustrated by the lack of care that you receive, not to mention that you'll miss out on the adventure of being the church.
Many Christians are burned out on programs that do little more than maintain the institution. By getting involved in a City Group, you are fulfilling the Great Commission ("Go and make disciples") and doing it in a Great Commandment ("Love Jesus, Love like Jesus") way.

How do i join?

The best way to get involved is to join us at our next Family Meal!
For more information, attend our next gathering on a Sunday or send an email to with “City Group” as the subject line.